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Photo: Calling all Houston area Pie-o-neers... Today’s Peace Through Pie Social at ECO Market Cafe is sure to deliver some tough choices for the judges panel. But the decision to partner with Ecotone to celebrate peace and the legacy of Dr. King was easy as pie. We are blessed to have partners like award-winning Chef Tarsha Gary who literally provides food for thought. With a recipe for success on changing the way children eat, she is Pie-O-neering the way communities come together and helping others write their own Recipes for Peace. Says Crystal Brown-Tatum, President of Crystal Clear Communications, “In just a few years, [Gary] has managed to carve an admirable niche in the Houston catering market as well as being an advocate for bringing healthy foods to those who are underserved. Few Chefs are as visible in the community as she is.” Chef Gary also is a successful mentor and teacher via her “Community Kids Cook w/Chef Tarsha” Summer Cooking Camp. Ecotone’s Community Mission Facilitate an ecologically sustainable urban agricultural system whereby a community-based infrastructure is established, collectively tended and matures to thrive independently via inter-generational activity, and imparts tangible life skill sets.  Provide a direct resource to the value of growing one’s own food and learning to prepare healthful meals from that food production ultimately improving one’s health profile as it relates to nutrition.  Affect sustainable community development, positive imaging and ownership that fosters “whole family” education and supports entrepreneurial aspirations.
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