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(Students are an important part of the Peace Through Pie movement. They contribute more than just pies to our movement. They also share peace of mind. Their stories embody the reasons for peace and inspire others to join in on the conversation. One extraordinary student took the time to tell us his reason for making pie and what peace means to him.)

Christopher Treviño is a senior culinary arts student at Travis High School. His favorite pie is an original pumpkin and caramel pecan pie which he created with his grandmother. She introduced him to pie-making at an early age, and ever since she passed away two years ago, he continues to make pies to honor her.

Preparing pumpkin or pecan pies with his grandmother was one of Christopher’s favorite things. One day they had the crazy idea of combining the two to make a completely different pie. From then on, they started a tradition of making the same pie around Thanksgiving every couple of years. The opportunity to make pies at his school has given Christopher a way to cherish the memories he has of his grandmother.

Christopher Trevino

 PTP: What do you remember about baking pies with your grandmother? What was that like?

Christopher Treviño: It just brought back great childhood memories. Sitting in the kitchen, on my little stool – I was really short as a kid – and I sat with her making the pie crust, mashing up pecans with her and just looking at her and smiling.

PTP: What is your culinary class like?

Christopher Treviño: The culinary class has been here since I was a freshman. I heard about it, but I wasn’t really interested in doing it. I finally got all the credits I needed, and I was just wondering maybe I should try something new. I chose a great year to do it cause there’s a new chef. He’s a really great guy and when I came here I wasn’t expecting to make all this great gourmet food. It’s just a wonderful experience. Now when I want to go work at a restaurant, I have that experience.

PTP: When you heard about the Peace Through Pie socials what did you think?

Christopher Treviño: I was thinking a lot of happy people enjoying pie. Like when I eat pie, it makes me happy. You can’t see anybody eating a pie sad. When you’re crying it’s a very comforting food if you just want to cheer up. It has so many flavors in it, and it depends on what kind of pie you eat…it will make you feel better on the inside and out.

PTP: What does peace really mean to you?

Christopher Treviño: It means harmony. Everybody comes together and there’s no fighting, there’s no arguing. We’re all just one big family and we cherish every moment we have together.

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