About our programs.


Socials for Social Change

Peace Through Pie Socials offer creative ways to invest in our future by planning together; sharing recipes, traditions, and stories; showcasing talents; supporting meaningful dialogues; overcoming barriers; and building new bridges of respect ~ to expand the pie of opportunity for all.
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Pie-o-neers for Peace

Our program for students, educators, schools and youth groups is Pie-o-neers for Peace, offering a new way to rekindle the pie social and invest in the peace making process. Through the universal language of food, we come together to celebrate diversity as a strength, share resources, overcome communication barriers, and build new bridges of support. Peace Through Pie Socials can take place in classrooms, lunchrooms, libraries, schools,at home or anywhere in the community.

Schools who participate in the Anti-Defamation Leagueʼs No Place For Hate program can plan their social activities to align with this curriculum. Pie-o-neers for Peace offers a creative way to cultivate Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), which is vital for a healthy campus. This program implements SEL by cultivating meaningful connections to history, culture and community.
  • Making and sharing recipes and stories that reflect individual heritage
  • Reaching out to diverse cultures to learn about new culinary traditions
  • Celebrating our rich cultural diversity through all of the arts
  • Cultivating meaningful conversation at the table.
  • Becoming part of the Community Cookbook


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A New Frontier of Peace

Peace Through Pie Community offers a way for neighbors, community groups, faith groups, non-profit organizations, and businesses to come to the table to:

  • Share recipes and stories that reflect your heritage
  • Celebrate our diversity as a strength
  • Contribute resources to share with the community
  • Cultivate solutions for building new bridges of respect
  • Be part of the Community Cookbook
Host Peace Through Pie socials at kitchen tables, lunchrooms, libraries, schools, arts groups, faith organizations, businesses, coffee shops, favorite restaurants, nonprofit organizations, parks, shelters — or anywhere.

Share “Peace Pie” to celebrate the new culinary tradition for the MLK Holiday, or host your social at any time of the year as a way to bring your community together.

Each social is unique, customized to meet the specific goals of the hosting group. Planning and hosting the event is an integral part of the of community-building process. Invite all interested participants to partner in the process, so the every “piece of the pie” can be represented.


Each Peace Through Pie Social is unique. Feel free to customize your event to meet your specific goals. Host your social anywhere you like. Events can include art activities, pie making demos, guided conversations and fundrasier. Check out our resources to help you plan your event.