Our Team

Luanne Stovall
Luanne Stovall, Founder, Executive Director
Favorite pie: Hot Apple Pie (with a pinch of cayenne)

Luanne grew up in Johnny Appleseed country (Cleveland, Ohio) where her lifelong passion for art, design, and seeking pathways to the “better angels of our nature” began. She studied art at Miami University, New York Studio School, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine, The University of Texas at Austin, and has an MFA from Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Luanne was “called by the pie” after baking a “dream” buttermilk pie on the MLK Holiday in 1995.

You can reach Luanne at luanne@peacethroughpieorg.
Mary Abreu
Mary Abreu, Grant Writer and Board Secretary
Favorite pie:  Spinach Pie

In late 2011, Mary returned to her native Texas after 30 years pursuing a fulfilling career in biomedical research in academic, government and private sector roles. Fortuitously, her dear friend Luanne Stovall migrated to Austin a few years earlier and began seeding local interest and support for Peace Through Pie. At her first Peace Through Pie social in 2012 at Sweet Home Baptist Church, Mary was struck by the “smile factor” effect of the event and was subsequently driven to help spread the word of this unique approach to gather diverse peoples around pie and serious conversation.  Mary is currently serving as grant coordinator and “keeper of the plans and finances” of Peace Through Pie.  She is most intrigued about the metrics for assessing impact of this peace movement.

You can reach Mary at mabreu@peacethroughpie.org.
Stephen Vogel
Stephen Vogel, IP, Media, and Business Consultant
Favorite pie:  Flying Hawaiian Pizza Pie

Stephen is currently working in Dallas, Texas as a consultant for intellectual property issues such as copyright, trademark, Internet, and media law, as well as other business and communication matters. He has a J.D. from St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio and a BA in Communications Visual Media from American University in Washington, DC. He is passionate about the arts and the transformative power of the creative process. Being a part of Peace Through Pie is important to Stephen because of the organizational goals to communicate, educate, and celebrate diversity in our society.

You can reach Stephen at svogel@peacethroughpie.org.
Charlotte Moore
Charlotte Moore, Director of Communications
Favorite pie: Her mother’s Sweet Potato Pie

Charlotte, a native of Austin, Texas, knew at an early age she wanted to explore opportunities in the field of communications–specifically as a writer. By the age of 10, she was published in two local newspapers. Charlotte studied journalism at The University of Texas at Austin and has worked at two major newspapers, The Austin American-Statesman and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She has also worked as a television news producer for Austin’s CBS affiliate, KEYE-TV. Charlotte currently enjoys working as an independent freelance writer penning articles and essays for various publications on a variety of topics. For Charlotte, Peace Through Pie is a scrumptiously delectable dish that feeds her desire to foster community and serenity in our world.

You can reach Charlotte at cmoore@peacethroughpie.org.
Charity Chukwu
Charity Chukwu, Writer/Peace Ambassador
Favorite Pie: Coconut Cream Pie

Charity — a 4th-year senior studying journalism at The University of Texas at Austin — is a free-spirited, shy, but extremely outgoing Peace Through Pie volunteer. She lives to serve and serves to live. Fortunately for the organization, Charity loves food and cannot imagine life without it; appetizers, entrees, desserts — for Charity, it’s all good. Coconut cream pie takes Charity back to her home country of Nigeria where coconuts are always the perfect ending to any good meal. Charity is passionate about creating a world where people are not judged by the color of their skin, religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, and socioeconomic status. Charity’s ability to speak four languages makes her an exceptional Peace Through Pie ambassador, spreading the organization’s message to K-12 and college-age students. Charity is also a Peace Through Pie blogger.

You can reach Charity at cchukwu@peacethroughpie.org.
Natalie Butcher
Natalie Butcher, Social Media Strategist
Favorite Pie: Strawberry Pie

Natalie was born in Brownsville, Texas and is now attending school in Austin. Initially a vocal performance major, Natalie soon chose to pursue another passion — fashion! She is currently seeking a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing at The Art Institute of Austin. Natalie will be graduating in the summer of 2014 and plans to make the world a more peaceful and stylish place, one person at a time.

You can reach Natalie at nbutcher@peacethroughpie.org.
Michael Bomani
Michael Bomani, Web Designer/User Experience Consultant
Favorite Pie: Samosas

Michael is a web designer and user experience consultant for Peace Through Pie. He is also a visual designer and developer based in Austin, Texas where he has been applying his skills for nearly a decade. Since joining Peace Through Pie, Michael has had the opportunity to work with the team to evolve the organization’s digital experience. As founder of Bomani Studios, Michael has worked with independent artists, small businesses, musicians, producers, and studios around the world on web and graphic design projects. Michael and his work can be viewed at michaelbomani.com and bomanistudios.com.

You can reach Michael at mbomani@peacethroughpie.org.
Aelly Liu
Aelly Liu, Web Designer/Content Manager
Favorite Pie: Pecan Pie with a scoop of ice cream

Originally from Taiwan, Aelly moved to the United States during her middle school years. Her passions include drawing and travel (a recent visit to the Galápagos Islands gifted Aelly with incredible memories of tortoises, sea lions, iguanas and sharks.) Aelly graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Computer Science. She also attended the Art Institute of Austin where she studied Web Design. In her role with Peace Through Pie, Aelly collaborates with rest of the team to develop the content for the web site. She also writes blog posts, creates and manages web site images, and edits video.

You can reach Aelly at aliu@peachthroughpie.org.